Que suco gostoso você faz em casa?

2022.01.27 12:28 frahm9 Que suco gostoso você faz em casa?

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2022.01.27 12:28 SystemSpark [USA] [H] Oculus Quest 1/Rift S Controllers, SNES Mini, Metroid Dread SE, amiibo, Switch/PS2/3DS/GBA/GB Games, Shantae 7 Sirens (Switch-Digital), Limited Edition Joy-Con, Statues/Figures, OEM Switch A/C Adapter, Gamecube Component Cable, Nintendo Swag [W] Paypal

Prices do not include shipping. Willing to negotiate prices, especially for multiple items.

amiibo Price Condition
Zelda Loftwing 30 New In Box
Sanrio amiibo cards 15 Sealed Pack
Mega Yarn Yoshi (Import) 200 New In Box
Twilight Princess WiiU Game w/Wolf Link amiibo 150 New In Box, outer box shows wear
Inkling Boy - Neon Green 39 Loose/Mint
Mario Cereal Box 15 Cereal Removed/Flattened
Pit 30 New In Box
Palutena 20 New In Box
Isabelle Summer Outfit 40 Open Box
Cyrus/K.K./Reese 18 New In Box/Damaged box
Timmy & Tommy 40 New In Box
Tom Nook 12 New In Box
Mabel 9 New In Box
Celeste 9 New In Box
Digital Codes Price Condition
Xbox Game Pass for Console (30 day subscription) 9 "New Customers Only"
Shantae and the 7 Sirens (Switch) 27
Figures Price Condition
First Edition Pit Figma Figure 90 Open Box; Contains everything but AR cards
Black Manta Statue (Galleries) 40 Outer box is in bad shape, figure is mint, Gamestop Exclusive
Green Lantern (Galleries) 40 Outer box is in bad shape, figure is mint, Gamestop Exclusive
Night Wing (Galleries) 40 Outer box is in bad shape, figure is mint, Gamestop Exclusive
Switch Games Price Condition
Diablo III Eternal Collection 60 Complete in Box
Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack 34 Sealed
Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap 70 Sealed
River City Girls 140 Sealed, Best Buy Variant
Bendy and the Ink Machine 30 Complete in Box, Gamestop version
Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered 20 Sealed
Monster Hunter Stories 2 Collector's Edition 160 Sealed
Metroid Dread Collector's Edition 110 Sealed, a few dings associated with shipping
Shantae Collector's Edition 150 Sealed
Shantae Risky's Revenge Collector's Edition 150 Sealed
3DS Price Condition
Kid Icarus Uprising (Japanese) 40 Game and Case (No Big Box)
Triforce Heroes 20 Sealed
Fantasy Life 50 Complete in Box
GBA Price Condition
Yoshi's Island 16 Loose
Game & Watch Gallery 4 16 Loose, Torn Label
Sword of Mana 15 Loose, Game won't boot
GB Price Condition
Tetris 9 Some superficial damage to the cart, but loads and plays fine.
Alleyway 5 Loose
PS2 Games Price Condition
Jak and Daxter 10 Greatest Hits, Used, Disc and Case
Jak II 10 Greatest Hits, Used, Disc and Case
Jak 3 10 Greatest Hits, Used, Disc and Case
Final Fantasy X 6 Greatest Hits, Used, Disc and Case
Need for Speed Underground 10 Greatest Hits, Used, Disc and Case
Need for Speed Underground 2 17 Greatest Hits, Used, Disc and Case
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 10 Greatest Hits, Used, Disc and Case
Burnout 3 Takedown 13 Complete in Box, Case Artwork has water damage
Burnout Revenge 10 Complete in Box, Greatest Hits
Consoles Price Condition
Super Nintendo Classic Edition (US) 155 New in Box
Monster Hunter Rise Edition Switch 420 New in Box (No game code)
White OLED Nintendo Switch 400 New in Box
Controllers Price Condition
Fortnite Joy-Con Set 120 Comes from the Fortnite Edition Console, never used
Joy-Con Grip 8 Bagged/Unused - Came with console
Oculus Quest 1/Rift S Left Controller 115 Used but very good condition. Comes with silicon case
Oculus Quest 1/Rift S Right Controller 115 Used but very good condition. Comes with silicon case
Misc. Items Price Condition
Gamecube Component Cables 300 Cord looks good, Loose
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch ConsoleBox Only 90 Empty Box, good condition
Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Console Box Only 20 Empty Box, good condition
Pokemon Dialga & Palkia Switch Lite Box Only 30 Empty Box, good condition
Fortnite Nintendo Switch Console Box Only 20 Empty Box, good condition
The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Dreamer's Edition Art Book & Box 50 Outer box has some dings, art book is in great condition
The Art of Splatoon 2 35 Sealed (Heavy item)
Kid Icarus Uprising OST 70 Sealed
Kid Icarus Uprising Players Guide (Imported, no AR cards) 30 Shows a little wear, but good condition
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter 20 Unused in original bag, Authentic Nintendo Adapter
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pre-Order Coin 15 Sealed
Breath of the Wild Sheikah Coin 25 From BotW Special Edition, Good condition
Breath of the Wild Weathered Map 30 From BotW Special Edition, Good condition
Pokken Art Cel Pre-Order Bonus 7 Sealed
Blastoise New 3DS Plates 150 Plates are mint and unused
N64 Jumper Pak 10 Good condition, this is not the Expansion Pak
Nintendo 3DS Stand 20 OEM, Came with Kid Icarus Uprising
Persona 5 Strikers Steelbook (Nintendo Switch) 25 Sealed
Metroid Dread Art Cards 25 New/Unused
Metroid Dread Art Book 50 New/Unused
Kid Icarus AR Card Set (211/404) 350 Contains 211 different US cards, no duplicates. This is roughly half the entire set. An itemized list can be provided upon request.
GB/GBC/GBA Storage Trays 5 3D printed, Holds 12 Games per tray
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2022.01.27 12:28 primalbard Could use a little encouragement

Back in 2015 I was trying to impress someone by deadlifting more than I should’ve been lifting. Mid way through the third lift I felt a tinge in my lower back that’s bothered me for years. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and I wake up with lower back pain so bad that I had to call out of work, and it actually kept me bedridden for two days. I’ve had deep tissue massages to help with the pain, ice, and gentle stretching, and my back is finally feeling better. Even improved! Until I try and lift something, even from a squatted position. I can brace my abs, have fantastic form, and the tinge will still come back biting. I know that I’m healing, and what I did over 7 years ago is going to take a while to heal. But I’m bummed out. It’s been weeks since I’ve got to the gym, been able to go to martial arts, the pools are all closed in winter, my only outlet has been some light yoga and walking. I know I need to heal, but I look in the mirror and my ego takes a big hit. Anyone else deal with an injury and long time off? How did you deal? Any advice or encouragement is appreciated
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2022.01.27 12:28 TheNextBlGThing Toxic Attraction on NXT - January 24, 2022

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2022.01.27 12:28 chowies Next T10 Vehicle for ranked?

I need 2nd vehicle for ranked. Have the Wz-111-5a. Only have credits for a 2nd T10 vehicle right now. Question is, do i go for something with a similar playstyle to the 5a? This would allow me to maintain the same playstyle. Or, do i buy a meta-ish T10?
Have several T9s (Obj257, T-10, Type 61, Udes 16, TVP 50, Leo PTA, Obj 430)
For T8s, am at Emil 1, Pantera44.
Am only at the VZ 44-1.
Am F2P if it matters. Any comments inputs appreciated.
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2022.01.27 12:28 holouisaaa Quando chega minha família em casa

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2022.01.27 12:28 SnooCompliments8941 hey...does the bud, not leaf, get more potent with direct light? Wondering if I should trim off leaves that block light from reaching the flower?

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2022.01.27 12:28 sgtslugbug So I recently dusted off my card collection from 25+ years ago...

I want to get into collecting but I need to downsize the space. I have a lot of cards that are worthless, huge boxes of topps/fleeUD, etc from late 80s through mid 90s. I don't to bother trying to sell them on ebay (they aren't worth the time), and I'm not terribly attached to the trash cards, but I feel bad about throwing them out. What should I do with all these?
I also have multiple factory sealed boxes that I probably will sell on eBay for cheap. Plus, I have a bunch of valuable cards that I am hanging onto and may get graded.
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2022.01.27 12:28 Artoss_ Remnant Violet Fanart (By me)

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2022.01.27 12:28 inuttet123 This dammm question (maths)

So me my class can't understand where they get the - 2.412 in the maths edexcel textbook exersice 7g question 4c. Please can you explain if you don't mind
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2022.01.27 12:28 Stahp_No Feeling tightness and discomfort around the stomach

I’ve been taking several medications for my acid reflux for a little bit over a month now and things were fine up until a week ago. I’ve been feeling some tightness and discomfort in my stomach for about a week now and I was wondering if this is normal even though I’m on meds. Also, I’ve been avoiding spicy and greasy food so idk what’s causing this.
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2022.01.27 12:28 henk53 Weld 5.0.0.Beta1 released!

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2022.01.27 12:28 Danielleindoodles Coffee walk fails in NYC

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2022.01.27 12:28 That513Dude Clerk Gabrielle Summe reports final filings for local races in Kenton; no Cov, Erlanger council primaries

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2022.01.27 12:28 ahadman24 20M looking for a genuine friendship....

I'm John(fake name). I'm in a medical school. My hobbies include reading, writing poems, movies/series, vid games and sports ....I'm an extrovert. I like deep conversations based around philosophy, death, life, morals and much more ....I'm 5'9 and brown....any age is suitable.....just be caring :-))) and yeah I'm hopelessly romantic as well :-))
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2022.01.27 12:28 tellingbeatzz Angry Blues Guitar Rap Type Beat - Liberation | Prod. By Tellingbeatzz

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2022.01.27 12:28 TheDankestGram H: je laser W: tse,be,aae legacy dragon

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2022.01.27 12:28 PulseNewsMexico Mexico’s Auditing Body Unsure of NAICM Cancellation Cost

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2022.01.27 12:28 ConsciousAd5307 Bald and the beautiful reference

Does anybody know what Trixie is referencing when she’s talking about the Vegas residency and says that Katya should bring her husband and then she goes to the dressing room and twists the handkerchief… Please help mee, im dying trying to guess
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2022.01.27 12:28 b-razzledazzle Changing course?

I'm sure this has been on here a lot but I'm a recent graduate with a business degree and major in cyber security and got my first job at a network company. After going through the motions this job feels like school did where all I'm doing is looking at blurry screens, working with a slouchy boss, and wondering my mind off. I've always had an intrest in editing. And yes I know that's vague but that's the case. I've taken udemy courses on premiere and photoshop. My word documents and PowerPoints always looked so good and I loved making them that way. I also love image and video editing and even music editing as I've been configuring the live music at my church for 6 years now and mess around with effects and making it sound nice in the afternoon in post production. So what do you think? Am I suited for something else? If I'm procrastinating my school work to edit a video on udemy or spending more time on the PowerPoints presentation rather than the actual content should I really be here? I'm so early in. My career i feel if there's anytime to jump, it's now. Does anytime have experience in any of those fields and know if it's doable with someone in my background?
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2022.01.27 12:28 Sine404 Question Regarding Terminology

I don't really identify as any gender, I'm just me & I'm comfortable as just me, what is that called? Also, is "Dude" a gender neutral term?
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2022.01.27 12:28 Muziekgieterij Jam session, open mic, bandnight at Muziekgietrij Maastricht

He guys,
Check out the nieuw program.
See you at the rehearsal rooms! *We strictly follow the actual covid restrictions, 3G, seated event.

Agenda Januari 2021
31-1: Jazz Session
Free entrance
Agenda Februari 2021
07-02: Attic Rumble met Daddy Unchained
Free entrance
08-02: Bandnight
Tizaan Alphonso + support
(Soul, Funk, Jazz)
Entrance: 5,00 euro
09-02: Jazz session
Free entrance
14.02 Attic Rumble met Daddy Unchained
15.2: Bandnight
Billy Graveyard & the Amazing Beavers + Rewind (pop, rock, covers)
Free entrance
16.02: Jazz Session
Free entrance
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2022.01.27 12:28 stonerphysics How to tune a 5950x for MoneroOcean?

I have a 5950x in my office PC that I want to throw on MoneroOcean. What settings should I adjust to increase my profitability and efficiency? I have overclocked many Intel CPUs but this is the first PC that I've built that has an AMD CPU so I am nit very familiar with its BIOS settings. I need this PC for regular work, so not looking to get every last drop of performance out of it, I'm just assuming that running it stock is probably not recommended. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 12:28 DMTViynl New shipment in last night. I was very excited for this. Gatefold, mastered by Bernie Grundman. What a jump back in time.

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