TTRS Rotiform x Quattro 102 717 258

福岡の専門学校「日本デザイナー学院」ことニチデは、夢をつかむために“自分のベース”をつくる場所。考え、深め、発信できるクリエイターへ。ニチデが、キミの原点になる! The Wooden Wagon is a store featuring wooden toys and games from Europe - We stock a broad selection of natural European wooden toy animals, Ostheimer Waldorf toys, building blocks, marble runs, art and craft supplies, Erzgebirge folk art Christmas decorations, stuffed animals, and natural toys for pretend play. デジタルサイネージサービスのご紹介。お客様のご要望に応じて選べる2つのラインナップ。サイネージに関するほぼ全てをお任せ頂ける「らくちんサイネージ」低コストで始められる「じぶんでサイネージ」をご用意。デジタルサイネージならエレコム。 オーセンティックワークスは、u理論、成人発達理論、インテグラル理論等、変革と創造に関するテクノロジーを活用してリーダーシップと共創造(コ・クリエイション)をプロデュースします。 leparking est un moteur de recherche de voitures neuves et d'occasion. Il recense des millions d'annonces partout en Europe. N'hésitez pas à utiliser leparking pour trouver la voiture de vos rêves. Vous pourrez naviguer parmi l'ensemble des modèles du moteur et filtrer vos résultats via divers critères pertinents : marque,modele,millésime, kilométrage, etc. leparking propose également ...

2022.01.27 12:31 real_SyX TTRS Rotiform x Quattro 102 717 258

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2022.01.27 12:31 WildernessExploring [USA-TN] [H] BNIB 3060 EVGA XC [W] Paypal, Local Cash


750$ Shipped - Brand new in box
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2022.01.27 12:31 garv7680 [Grade 9 English] I am writing an essay in MLA format. I created a title page as my teacher asked me to however, do I need to add the title of my essay after the title page right above my introduction?

I am writing an essay in MLA format. I created a title page as my teacher asked me to however, do I need to add the title of my essay after the title page right above my introduction?
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2022.01.27 12:31 lnfinity Paddling a cardboard boat through shark infested waters

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2022.01.27 12:31 TakeOffYourMask Frederic Raphael’s critical open lett to Kubrick (written 2021)

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2022.01.27 12:31 freezingknight Do you use 3rd library to handle network responses (some links in description) or do you have your own wrappers to handle it?

Some 3rd party libraries:

  1. NetworkResponseAdapter
  2. Sandwich
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2022.01.27 12:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Most Virginia school districts disobeying Youngkin on order making masks optional: report | The Hill

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2022.01.27 12:31 ifoundfreeusername Зеленський зараз говорить про НАТО, щоб показати суспільству, що в Альянсі на Україну не чекають, - "слуга народу" Мазурашу

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2022.01.27 12:31 gay_michael_douglas I hate the anti christ

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2022.01.27 12:31 selfsearched Books and Money are the Keys to Life

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2022.01.27 12:31 Soft_Chemistry_3429 Your little guide to ceramides. Part 1

As much as I hate sounding like a gossip columnist, I have to say this, ceramides are hotter than Zac Efron right now(and for good reason, I concede) , every brand has something to offer in this regard (in other words, everyone wants to make a profit off of this trend). But consumers often are in a limbo as to which type of ceramides do they need to what is the perfect ratio. In this post, we take a dive into the rather confusing research on these fascinating ingredients.
Google it biach, I ain't wasting time on foreplay, let's get straight into the act.
WHY SHOULD I USE THEM? Ceramides are naturally found in the skin, however in cases of eczema, ichthyosis vulgaris, chronic dryness or overuse of surfactants and harsh ingredients, ceramides are either deficient or lost with time. The idea is that ceramides used in skincare will get adopted into the skins own lipid pool in such a way that it won't get lost even with repeated washing, this however is not an easy feet to achieve.
Why not just use petrolatum?
Petrolatum is not a skin identical lipid, it stays on top like a plastic coating, but it does not actively associate with skin repair.
As of now, we're aware of nine types, more are being discovered. It's not entirely clear which type is best for which particular condition, however cer 3 and 6(2), or np and eop are mostly used.
WHAT ABOUT CHOLESTEROL AND FREE FATTY ACIDS? Good question, it's nice to have these along with ceramides, research does suggest that they do facilitate in the healing process. If you suffer from acne, having free fatty acids can be beneficial. These three ingredients are often used in ceramide complexes which are designed to mimic the skins own lipid barrier. Some claim that having only ceramides in the product might damage the barrier, however this is not clearly substantiated by research, at best the exclusion of these might delay or impair the healing process.
There's no single golden ratio, it depends on the condition you're trying to treat. In case of dryness and eczema a Ceramide dominant ratio of 3:1:1(cer:col:fatty acid) or 1:1:1 is preferred. However in case of aging skin a cholesterol dominant ratio of 2:4:2 is considered ideal. More research is needed in this regard.
Where does ceramide come from?
Depends on the product. Ceramides in skincare are either plant sourced (phyto ceramides) , mainly from rice, konjac or potatoes or are synthesized in a lab(pseudo ceramide). Animal sourced ceramides are generally not used because consumers don't want to use them for various reasons
Which source is the best?
Theoretically, animal or human sourced ones should be the best, but they are mostly avoided. Phyto ceramides are expensive and although hydrating, do not penetrate the skin well and hence not the best source. New age pseudo ceramides are excellent stable ingredients that have the ability to heal the skin. They are cheaper and because of their low melting point, easier to formulate with. Although they are not as good as endogenous cers they are still worthy of application.
Does percentage matter?
It sure does, it's not exactly known at this point, but for eczema or chronic dry skin conditions, a minimum concentration of 0.3% of ceramides seems to be essential. However patented ceramide creams(which have clinical data supporting their effectiveness) like skinceuticals triple lipid restore or epiceram contain a whopping 2% and 3% concentration of ceramides respectively. Lab regimen uses 2.5% active ceramide content in their cream. If you are simply going through a rough patch, cerave isn't bad, it has around 3% sk influx, so a little over 0.04 % active ceramide content in a cholesterol dominant ratio.
What about the formula?
Formula matters, just having ceramides in the product does not mean that it will penetrate the skin. Research suggests that multi layered or micro encapsulated formulas provide a stable supply of ceramides into the skin, otherwise the ceramide just lies on top like an emmolient. For example epiceram uses the patented multisal neolipids technology.
The MultiSal Encapsulation Delivery Technology is based on a unique proprietary system consisting of multi-component microspheres that contain submicron spheres(think of a ball inside a bigger ball) . These submicron spheres are infused with the physiological lipid in an active form. Rubbing the emulsion onto the skin triggers this two-step delivery system. Once the microsphere is broken, the submicron spheres gradually deliver the physiological lipids over time. The special microsphere structure stabilizes the lipids from premature oxidation. Sk influx uses a multi lamellar emulsion technology which is supposed to mimic the skins natural barrier.
Hence the way your moisturizer is prepared will determine how effective it is.
End of part 1 Upvote and comment about your experience. I'll post the second part soon. 😊
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2022.01.27 12:31 kermankl00 😐

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2022.01.27 12:31 CrackerWars Vår Gud är Oss en Väldig Borg

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2022.01.27 12:31 ktg_unit Thanks, I Hate it. 😬

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2022.01.27 12:31 Hippieenby Am I the asshole for calling my mom out about having to raise my sister?

Okay so I had to go into work today to get some copies of and stuff and my mom (she works full time as well at my dad business) let my sister stay home bc she had a “stomach ache” and I was annoyed bc she knows that I have a bunch of stuff to do today and she was like “why are you so upset blah blah” and I told her that I had to go back to work talk to the hr lady and for some reason she took it personal and was all “YOU USED TO STAY HOME ALL THE TIME BAJSBSUSBEJ” and kept saying that she was treating us equally bc I stayed home all the time and I told her I was like “yeah but you were a stay at home mom so (my brother) didn’t have to worry about me until we he was a sophomore when you started working full time for dad and then I was home alone with her (my sister) all the time and I had to practically raise (my sister) and she got mad and was like “YOU HAVE TO MAKE HER FOOD AND MAKE SHE SHE DOESNT GET INTO ANYTHING HOW IS THAT RASING HER?” And I told her that the reason I’m the only one she listens to is that I’m the only one who disciplines her and I’m the only one who makes sure she doesn’t get into any bad websites and stuff like that (she’s 7) I might as well have raised her since I was like 12 and I looked at (my brother) and said: “Is it not frustrating to have to watch your younger siblings all the time?” And he was like “I mean yeah” and mom was all mad And then she asked all sarcastically if that was the reason I wasn’t having kids and I was like “yes that’s literally why I don’t want kids” and later I was texting mom that I love her and to have a good day at work and she fucking texted “heartbroken” like? Okay? I sent “Sorry…I love you” and she fucking left me on reading so if I’m getting the silent treatment now 🙄
Update:she deleted her chat and said “Love you…it’s fine.”
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2022.01.27 12:31 tellurian_pluton Amazon ends widely mocked scheme that turned workers into Twitter “ambassadors”

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2022.01.27 12:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Senate panel to vote on Biden's FCC, FTC nominees | The Hill

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2022.01.27 12:31 yourbreathmint Reversing Hair Loss After Going Off Pill?

Hi all. I went off the pill in April after being on it for ~12 years. Around June, I started losing a lot more hair than usual, and my hair has thinned quite a bit. I assume this is related to going off the pill/hormonal. I got tested for thyroid issues and none came up.
I’m likely going back on the pill, and I was wondering if that would possibly help reverse or slow the hair loss.
I know we’re all different and experience different side effects, but was wondering what people’s experiences were with this. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 12:31 cmp145 I trusted you

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2022.01.27 12:31 YouOtterKnow1 I'm guilty with Gundam figures

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2022.01.27 12:31 xXAquaholikXx You guys are my last hope

I've been going back and forth with support, but they've stopped responding. My 2FA was changed after someone got in my email.
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2022.01.27 12:31 Laventia I-9 Audit (IL)

I just started doing an I9 and noticed some EEs who are terminated and active who completed their I9s a day or two after their start date.
How do I correct this for both termed and active employees?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.27 12:31 LordAlfrey Hakke sett denne før

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2022.01.27 12:31 swizz89 [H] Talon Fade FN 0.009, ST Skeleton Fade 0.02 , Inventory [W] Offers

[H] Talon Knife | Fade FN 0.009
ST Skeleton Fade FN 0.02 (tradable 02.02) you can reserve it and make offer
Survival Case Hardened ft Blue Gem
Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 壱 mw 0.08
Bloodhound Bronzed Mw 0.080
Broken Fang Gloves | Needle Point MW
AWP | Redline mw
USP-S | Dark Water mw
Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler (Phase 2)
StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Cyrex mw
StatTrak™ M4A4 | Tooth Fairy mw
[W] Offers
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2022.01.27 12:31 TheGmaster23 Does not tithing make you a thief?

My pastor recently gave a sermon centered around tithing. He read Malachi 3. The verse that says something along the lines of "will a man rob god"
He then proceeded to talk about how if you don't title 10% specifically to the church, you're a thief and robbing god.
I've been thinking a lot about this because I've always felt guilt about not tithing. I dug into this a but myself, and to me, it seems a bit manipulative to use this logic. I've learned that tithing is an OT principle that was essentially changed in the NT, and in the NT there is no title but we're still supposed to give freely.
Also, I don't particularly like this idea that if you give/tithe, then God will give you back more. In my opinion, if you give, you shouldn't be expecting something back.
If you give to a homeless person, you're not thinking "I don't mind losing this $20 because God will give me back $100. Thats selfish. I feel like this creates a thing where people are giving for the wrong reasons when in the NT it says to not give out of compulsion. In addition, the people who tithe but don't get anything back might turn away from God because they were expecting to 10x their money by giving.
What do you guys think?
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