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A vida é bela

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2022.01.27 12:27 OiJao97 A vida é bela

Aluguel, condomínio, IPVA e seguro de carro. 4 coisas cara que tenho pra pagar e hoje meu notebook decidiu parar de funcionar.
A vida é bela.
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2022.01.27 12:27 International_Bid939 Ethan’s internet beef with Oliver Tree is my favorite 😂😂😂

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2022.01.27 12:27 acowsopinion007 Price History

Is there a website with a tool to find out what prices specific vehicles were pre-pandemic.
Example: Price of a 3 year old CX-5 late2019/early2020 vs a 3 year old CX-5 now.
Just wanting to know if the difference in pricing is as much as I think or if it is closer and I should just bite the bullet on a new (to me) car.
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2022.01.27 12:27 HeartlessRay How to clear areas at the beginning of the game?

Hey, after few years I decided to check PZ again, selected slightly tweaked Apocalypse/Survivor difficulty and ran into problem with clearing areas from zeds
My original plan was

  1. Start at West Point
  2. Watch L&L for 3 days, loot nearby houses, find a car
  3. Occupy Hardware Store/Twiggy's and make it my first safehouse/base
  4. Collect various things
  5. Go to Louisville
  6. ???
But every time at p.3 when I come to the Hardware store / Twiggy's I run into a bunch of zombies around, which eventually leads to me trying to separate them, affecting other zombies along the way. By the time I take the first zombies away I'm followed by even larger mob from nearby areas. As a result, I die trying to fight off mob.
What am I doing wrong? How to safely clear a certain area without attracting zeds from nearby locations at the beginning of the game? Slowly and methodically provoke one at a time? Lead the mob away from area and then return?
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2022.01.27 12:27 tux_pirata Arregle el meme ese

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2022.01.27 12:27 Chimeguy22 💸Easy $5 dollars from Envel💸

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2022.01.27 12:27 sammy_loll For U/yatansi giveaway!

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2022.01.27 12:27 UltraAnxietyFerret Dropping CBC numbers

Hey everyone, hoping to get an opinion on my lab results. I have lab results dating back several years and specifically over the past 3 years, my numbers have slowly been dropping. Docs have never been super concerned with my numbers because they're always just "a little low", which I was satisfied with initially but my last results prompted me to compare them to older results. There's a downward trend for sure. My hemoglobin at its highest used to be around 13 but now it hovers around 11 to 11.5. Ferritin has gone from 31 last January to 15 presently. Should I expect a call from the docs once they review the results or if they don't, should I question them on the results? Or am I overreacting?
WBC 3.4 RBC 3.8 HGB 11.6 HTC 36.2 PLT 182 MCV 94 MCH 30 MCHC 32 RDW 11.9 MPV 12.2 LYMPH% 50.6 MONO% 9.8 NEUT% 37.2 EOS% 1.5 BASO% 0.6 LYMPH# 1.7 MONO# 0.33 NEUT# 1.25 B12, D25 are normal Iron 32 UIBC 264 TIBC 303 Saturation % 13 Ferritin 15
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2022.01.27 12:27 KH-Light BenQ EL2870U 4K Monitor

Hi, I have a BenQ Monitor myself, I've had it for a LONG time now, it's not nearly a 4K monitor but I was thinking of a change for it by buying a new monitor for gaming etc, plus I can use my old monitor for nothing too major like background apps like Discord or others.
And the monitor details I saw it's Xbox and PS compatible, that would be really useful, also I want to know if it's G-Sync compatible, I don't want a "complicated" answer, just something like a Yes or No answer.
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2022.01.27 12:27 Dimimimitriks Mikhail Gorbachev after his visit to India. 1987.

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2022.01.27 12:27 Perfect_Storage Armor possibilities…

We know that we get to modify outfits to a further degree in forbidden west, I’d love to see the shield weaver bits be a mod that you could put on any armor. But have it be in parts. Ie, a outfit with three mod slots, you could do 1 mele protection 1 ranged protection 1 shield weaver ‘fragment’ or whatever, the fragment would give you +200 overshield. Or you could do 1 fire resistance weave and 2 shield weaver and have +400 overshield (Values of shield would be modified based on how many slots they give us and balancing obv. You couldn’t get 1000overshield with 5 fragments. Maybe limit it to 3 fragments). Or you could just run only shield weaver and get +600. Which is less than the maxed 800 of the hzd version of the armor.
We see aloy putting the shield weaver ‘projector’ things onto a typical Nora outfit. What’s stopping her from sewing them into other outfits. Or, we could have shield weaver ‘fragments’ and cloaking ‘fragments’, from a stalker. (think how stalkers shimmer when they move but are totally invisible when still) the progression of the cloaking fragments could be as follows 1st fragment would make you invisible to machines when standing still, crouching or floating still in water (not radars[scrapper etc]). With two frags you could be invisible while walking/swimming(not running), with three you would be invisible in any state. The invisibility would stop if you damaged a machine. with one fragment you would have to be out of eye sight of the machine for 10 seconds for the cloak to ‘recharge’, 2 frags would be 5 seconds, and 3 would be 3 seconds.
Would be really cool to design your own op armor, maybe add a way to add fragments from the sunwings solar panel wings. Like you could cover her skirt in solar panels which allows electricity attacks to be stronger. Or the tortoise could have fragments that absorb a % of the damage you take and adds that to your next attack. Like 6-10% per frag depending on rarity of the frag. Because we know the tortoise shell when damaged charges up and the machine then can unleash it. Think of black panthers energy suit thingy. These machine ability based modifiers would be super cool to mesh together.
Think of the possibilities, (using armor from hzd) imagine chieftains outfit, with 4 mod slots, 2 cloaking, 1 shield weaver, and 1 frag from the turtle/tortoise thing. You’d have your base hp, regen over time from the outfits base stats, invisibility when swimming and walking, +200 overshield, -10% damage taken +10% damage done. It would be sooooo cool.
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2022.01.27 12:27 beathelas Ethan reacting to Blair White's video

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2022.01.27 12:27 shadowmastadon [pubQ] Any guidance writing a query for a nonfiction medical/health book?

I am a primary care physician and I am writing a book on how to navigate health advice from "experts", reporting on health research (essentially how to correctly "do your own research" on health matters), as well as going through the history and (lack of) evidence for our current dietary recommendations and other major health topics. I reached out to an author of a similar book and was guided to write a synopsis, table of contents etc but never really instructed about writing a query. I see on this reddit page many queries for interesting fiction books but not much non-fiction. Is the process the same and is there different advice for writing the query for a book like mine versus fiction? thx
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2022.01.27 12:27 Dr_Zoosh omg they look amazing can I get 19 of them pls

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2022.01.27 12:27 Key-Throat8079 God of War on RTX 2060 Super

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2022.01.27 12:27 LambilyHub 100% of men are males.

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2022.01.27 12:27 silkytakyaan86 Values is Metaverse Reserve Protocol on Polygon Network based on the $VALUES token. Each $VALUES token is backed by a basket of assets in the Values treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below. r/cryptomoons

https://values.finance/#polygon #crypto #cryptocurrency #valuesfinance
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2022.01.27 12:27 Difficult_Ad9191 Flash FX Electric Elements And Titles Videohive 34054073 - DaVinci Resolve Templates

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2022.01.27 12:27 mjobarnes Verse of the day

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2022.01.27 12:27 NewDDHOOFY Help

I tried masturbating to a male butt and got semi hard..
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2022.01.27 12:27 alonelyfly Representative Slaton Issues Statement Pledging to Re-File the Defend the Texas National Guard Act

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2022.01.27 12:27 Djokerous Surgery tomorrow. Is the pain as terrible as it sounds and how did you cope without being able to do the simple things?

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2022.01.27 12:27 TheRealLettuceman Found this guy while my wife was working in her office, any idea what kind of spider it is?

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2022.01.27 12:27 jobsinanywhere U.S. stocks may see early power in bright economic news

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2022.01.27 12:27 Individual-Use3933 Does warrior/musa have good mobility/aoe in pve and how good are they vs lahn pve wise?

Really loving how the both class look, but ultimately I'm wanting something op/fast since it'll be pve only. Preferably with aoe/mobility capability so I can always have the option to grind places like sulfur, and they seem like they'd scale the best with high ap. I know everyone says lahn/strikeguardian/nova typically in that order, but I think I'll save lahn for next season as my first class since I'm really wanting a main pve class that I also find fun. However if it's going to make a difference like 50% more trash loot, then ofc I'd rather just go ahead and make a lahn. Idk how big of a deal this marni's event is, and if I'll be spending 3-5b+ on copy gear normally (pen/tet boss gear, tet bs hopefully pen soon with fallen god armor)
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