What’s it like living in Williamsburg VA?

2021.11.29 15:38 LooseBoysenberry7 What’s it like living in Williamsburg VA?

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2021.11.29 15:38 NoExpression8047 I fall asleep during the afternoon at 2 pm/14

I know Its stupid but everyday After i comeback from school even if i Keep myself entertained i fall asleep and sleep till 7 pm/19 when my mum wants to wake me up For dinner and because i wouldn't sleep during the night. The problem Is that i get a 9 hours sleep every night and i really hate this afternoon sleeping because i don't get time to do anything. (Luckly i was Always used to do my homeworks at 10 pm/22)
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2021.11.29 15:38 tooooooodayrightnow Does ReLeaf sell your cell?

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2021.11.29 15:38 idreaminwords The second trimester is terrifying

Nobody told me how scary this middle period would be. I'm currently 16+6. I was lucky enough that the bulk of my morning sickness dropped off at about 13 weeks. I still have occasional light nausea, especially when I'm brushing my teeth, but nothing to complain about. My boobs have stopped hurting (although intermittently, they'll ache for a day or so). I'm no longer waking up every 2 hours to pee overnight. I virtually have no pregnancy symptoms.
Meanwhile, I'm not really showing yet. If I'm not wearing clothes, you can see a bit of a bump, and my belly button has started to pop out more than it used to, but there's really no way for me to look at myself and say "Look, I'm pregnant" In fact, I've only gained about 1 pound so far, from my pre-pregnancy weight which I feel like isn't enough. The most I have to go on is that my lower abdomen is tender if I press on it, and if I cough or sneeze or stand up too quickly, I get the sharp stretchy pains in my lower abdomen.
Logically, I know I'm pregnant. There's been no bleeding. My last ultrasound at 12 weeks was perfectly healthy and there's no indication that anything changed since then. I know that pregnancies don't just disappear, and yet, I can't help but think that the baby is no longer in there. I'm thinking of buying a doppler so that I can hear the heartbeat myself, but from what I've heard, that may end up causing even more anxiety if I end up not being able to find the heartbeat on my own.
Are these normal feelings around this time in the pregnancy? I hear people talk all the time about the anxiety of the first trimester, but I don't really hear much about the second
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2021.11.29 15:38 yonosoymajo Qué me recomiendan hacer?

Hola maes, la vara es que desde hace unos días vi un par de posts de gente pidiendo opinión de U publicas y privadas y diay, les voy a contar mi problema. Yo estoy a un año de terminar la licenciatura en derecho en la UCR. Yo sé que la salida laboral está en la papa, etc. Quiero dejar en claro que no era mi carrera de escogencia pero di, ya a un año de terminar y eso no la voy a dejar botada.
Pero he estado pensando en intentar conseguir un trabajo que pague bien para poder meterme a una privada a estudiar una ingienería y he estado pensando en programación o computo como le quieran decir. Cabe decir que de la UCR salgo con Derecho en énfasis en tecnología, comercio electrónico y telecomunicaciones.
A lo que voy es que he estado pensando que no quiero estar otros 5-6 años en la UCR sacando una carrera, además que es un dolor poder sacar la segunda. Se me ocurría una privada tipo la Fidélitas o la UIA para esto, pero estaba viendo que la UNED da diplomado en informática. Me estaba preguntando si ven viable sacar el diplomado? Qué puedo hacer con este? Y si, ambas carreras son lo contrario, no hace falta que me lo digan jaja. No me interesa no trabajar en derecho incluso si pudiera evitarlo con gusto lo hago pero bueno, mientras me acomodo con esto necesito ver si sí es viable o ya estoy mamando.
De antemano gracias por el tiempo y la ayuda!
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2021.11.29 15:38 MisschicASMR Discovering London's "Columbia Flower Market" Vlog + Mini Haul [soft speaking] [tapping] [tongue clicking] [chat]

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2021.11.29 15:38 joseville1001 Does Discover It have unlimited 1% CB?

I have Discover It and know it has 5% on changing categories each quarter, but does Discover It have unlimited 1% CB on all other purchases?
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2021.11.29 15:38 _GUAPO__KB312 currently pushing 60% in my haarlem

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2021.11.29 15:38 JK-Sunshine Work my brain, it's been sleeping

Good morning mathematics Redditors,
I confess that maths has not been my strong point. I have an opportunity to join a family business working in the office completing quotes. I would need to work out how many slabs of granite are needed to complete jobs. I have a handle on everything except I am struggling to wrap my brain around working out the slabs. For this job, I am given a request that says this person needs a benchtop of, for example, 3 pieces of different lengths and a waterfall end. I then need to work out if I can fit all of that on one slab or if I need to quote for two. This would be easy if I could just slap the pieces down end to end on a slab and call it a day, but we want to fit as many pieces as possible into this slab. My brain struggles to comprehend the lengths and area of each piece fitting in a slab and this is integral to me being successful in this role. I hope all of that made sense. My question is, what can I do to help strengthen my brain in this area? What kind of mathematics should I be working on? I would ordinarily just work it out on the job, but granite is expensive and that is some major f ups if I don't do it right the first time!
I have until late January/ early February.
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2021.11.29 15:38 North_Wrap_9526 Nice pic

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2021.11.29 15:38 RealSypher Where to buy games in Mcallen TX

So I’m visiting mcallen soon and was wondering if there was a place I could get SNES games from? I recently found one but it only had a super gameboy and a dead nba game.
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2021.11.29 15:38 GuyCarbonneauGOAT [Charania] Nets guard Joe Harris will undergo surgery on his left ankle, coach Steve Nash says.

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2021.11.29 15:38 ayyitspatrick Forsen notices a familiar laugh

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2021.11.29 15:38 No_Estimate_4255 Trying to figure out a long-term Lego storage plan

Hey y’all! As I just got back from school, I figured I have the time to sort out all my old Lego bricks. I have 7 medium to large plastic bins that are full of Lego and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on how to sort them? I was thinking by color but I’m sure some of you have some tips to help me out. Any suggestions on types of storage to use, fast way of sorting, etc would be appreciated :)
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2021.11.29 15:38 Yab0yreD Car warranty scam, light ‘em up.

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2021.11.29 15:38 DragonReborn97 Is the 599 much different to the 560S?

The 599 are on sale for $100 for Cyber Monday, but I’ve already got the 560S. 598/599 seem to be more popular than the 560S, but what are the actual sonic differences? Is there a difference physically besides the headphone pad on the 560S being split?
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2021.11.29 15:38 hnnguyen7 Does anyone know where can I buy these generic 12" rings? I am trying to make couple wall clock with these.

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2021.11.29 15:38 throwrairony2 (Update) My(f16) brother(m24) outed my sister(f15) at his wedding reception, and my parents are making her talk to someone at church

It's been a little over a month since my last post, and my sister talked to someone at our church. My brother (Matt) and his fiancee (Ariana) were married almost a month ago, but we never had a great relationship. My parents paid for him to go to college along with a car and free gas as well. They promised the same for my sister (Iris) and I if we had good grades, but after what happened at the reception, they rescinded that offer from both of us, and I am not allowed to work or learn how to drive either simply because I knew about her secret
I don't know why my brother outed her at his reception, but he always complained about us getting things (such as phones) before he did and never wanted to spend time with us. When he spoke towards the end of the reception, he said he "felt led" to say something on his mind and told everyone that my sister is gay. He also told them that she needed prayer to get support, and my parents didn't know that she was gay either. I knew because she had told me in the past, but when we got home, our parents were very upset. When I asked Iris if she ever told Matt, she said she only told Ariana because she was supportive when she used to drive her to sports whenever our parents couldn't. Ariana gave her resources and took her out to ice cream after she opened up about wanting to one day come out, and whenever they hung out, they would bond over that. Ariana also had a friend who was bi and was able to help her like she supported her too. However, we figured that the only way Matt learned was through Ariana who must've told him, but Iris refused to believe that Ariana wanted to hurt her and that she probably told him because "couples tell each other everything"
Ariana left my brother to stay with her parents in their hotel the morning after the reception, and when I wrote my last post, she was still ghosting him for about five days. Matt came over and told us after she left, and he talked to dad in the living room about it. When I asked mom what they were talking about, she said that they were planning to try and sue Ariana for something because she "wasn't right" in leaving him the day after the reception and that it was "abusive". However, she also said that Iris was gonna talk to someone at church about being gay to try and help her, but she had already been punished by losing her phone and laptop too. Dad punished me when I told him it was wrong to curse at her after we came back from the reception, and she had already cried after my brother outed her. I told him that she was embarrassed, but he said that they all were, but that it's a "good thing" because now they can address it and have it turn into something they look back on later. He's also not allowing her to be with any friends until she apologizes
My sister was really afraid of having to talk to someone at church, and the pastor she ended up talking to was one of the senior pastors. She hoped that it would be someone from youth, but dad said that I couldn't be there with her when they talked, and he didn't tell me when they'd be talking either. I figured it'd be on Sunday or Friday at youth and planned to just follow whenever they took her, but mom took her straight from school on a day when I had sports afterward and didn't expect it, and she didn't tell Iris that she was taking her to the church until they were actually en-route to the building. I hate how she went around my back to do it, but that's what she did and Iris had no time to prepare. I tried to talk to her when I got back and asked what happened, but she refused to tell me anything and is still refusing to, and she was still visibly upset after it too. I tried to tell her again that the safest thing to do is probably lie and lay low so that it passes sooner and they don't give her a hard time, and I told her that before that day too, but I still don't know what happened because she won't tell me, and she's recently begun to lash out at me for trying to talk to her. She was distant before, but now she just gets upset and wants nothing to do with me at all
I was also able to talk to a teacher a few days after my first post, and I told her everything that I pretty much had written before. She agreed that my parents were being ridiculous about everything and that my brother was just as bad as them, but she also said that she would have to report it, and I told her that I wanted her to do that too, since she was also spanked in the aftermath of the reception. However, when she said that she could try to talk to Iris, I told her that maybe she would open up to her because she wanted nothing to do with me even after I told her about my intentions to tell a teacher, only for her to just get angry and tell me to leave her alone. She said that she would try and have to report it regardless, but my parents talked to me after they received a call from someone that they refused to specify about what happened. But they told me that Iris told them that I spoke to a teacher which led to them getting a call and that they want me to leave Iris alone and stop talking about our family. Dad also said that I no longer have my college fund and that he'll be using the money to help Matt try to sue Ariana for being "abusive" by ghosting him the day after the reception and that he'll kick me out if I bother Iris again. He didn't want me talking to her, but I was able to at school because there was no way that he could prevent us there, but as of writing this, there has not been a visit from anyone to our home. But, again, she wanted nothing to do with me and tried to avoid me with the exception of telling me to leave her alone and just getting upset
As of writing this, she still wants nothing to do with me, and she has been talking to my parents a lot more without the screaming from the aftermath of the reception. However, Ariana broke her silence along with her parents and told others why she left and that she wanted nothing to do Matt, and mom said that she was "slandering" Matt which is why she wants to sue her too. Ariana said she didn't know that Matt had such feelings towards his sister and that he was homophobic when he came across the LGBTQ resources she was acquiring for Iris and asked about who they were for. Personally, I didn't think that she tried to hurt Iris because it made no sense that Matt/dad would try to sue her if she agreed. She also said that she wanted a divorce as well. However, dad took to social media and wrote that Ariana had previously tried to pressure Iris into sexual activity when she drove her to sports and that it led to her being "confused" about being gay and that she tried to assault her. He also said that Iris told him about it, but I don't believe Iris told him that at all because he said it after she broke her silence. But when I went to ask Iris, she still refused to talk to me. I tried to stress to her that it's important to know because dad's accusing her of something that's very dangerous. But, she still refused to tell me much, and dad made this post a couple of days ago, so it's still fresh. He also has a lawyer that's working with him and Matt, but Iris is only talking to our parents, so I feel really lost. Maybe they're pressuring her to avoid me and say nothing, but she still won't tell me much. When I asked her if dad made up that lie about Ariana, she refused to answer and just got upset, but when I asked if they were pressuring her into saying nothing, she didn't respond either and just asked me to leave. However, when I directly asked if Ariana had ever done anything to her, she shook her head but didn't give me any more than that, and I honestly believe she's being pressured into saying nothing and that they're possibly threatening her with further punishment. Should I keep trying to talk to her at this point, or should I just keep going through my teacher? Iris refused to talk to my teacher last time and also told my parents that I had gone to talk to her too. A few people recommended the police last time too, but after my teacher said she would have to report to CPS, no one showed up and now dad has a lawyer. I'm pretty sure they called because of the talk mom and dad had though. Does the fact that dad has a lawyer mean that CPS won't show because someone's legally involved, and would that go for the police too? I feel so lost and just want to help her, but I want to ask for help because there's so much going on. I'm sorry for this being so long, but I'm really lost on what to do next and just need advice on how to proceed from here

TL;DR: I was able to speak to a teacher, but my sister told my parents that I did and has since refused to talk to me and only to them albeit with less yelling than the aftermath of the reception where my brother outed her and dad was upset. Ariana also broke her silence and told people that she didn't know Matt would out her when he found the LGBTQ resources she had acquired for my sister nor that he was homophobic and that she wants a divorce. However, dad came out and recently said that she sexually assaulted my sister in response
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2021.11.29 15:38 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $22.99 Baby Wrap Carrier, Hands-Free Baby Slings for Newborns

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2021.11.29 15:38 RGZ14 Got my first win. Still new to game any tips would be appreciated

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2021.11.29 15:38 CelebrityDeathPool16 Michael Alder obituary

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2021.11.29 15:38 AlysaMaddox 🔥Deku - Relaunch Live! 🔥 Finance 💵 (DEX), 🎨 ART (NFTs), & 🎮 Gaming! and much more.

Deku has rebranded completely and relaunched their entire website. The new site showcase information about their upcoming utilities that include Gaming, Random Generated Art NFTs, Financial Tools, and more!
🔥🔥 I highly recommend checking this out: https://dekuinu.com/ 🔥 🔥
BUY DEKU: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa1a88cea335edaf30ce90f103f1434a773ea46bd
Deku Inu has one of the best communities and safest coins. The contract has been renounced, audited and Liquidity has been burned forever! They are also part of the ONE ALLIANCE which is comprised of only the most trust worthy projects. The team does give aways almost daily and is planning some massive projects!
Deku has its eyes set on creating some of the best financial apps for crypto. They are redesigning their entire brand to showcase their commitment to showcase their massive vision for the project!
In addition to crypto tools the team will continue to explore the Art & Entertainment industry within the crypto space. They already have some of the best artists in the world helping with their NFT and Gaming division.

Contract: 0xa1a88cea335edaf30ce90f103f1434a773ea46bd
White-paper: https://dekuinu.com/Deku-Whitepaper.pdf
Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/ethepair-explore0x786e67fec4fc0537630d4b91ac222cd95a1e8a72
Telegram: https://t.me/dekuinu
Website: https://dekuinu.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DekuInuOfficial
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/dekuinu/
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/deku-inu
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/deku-inu/
Liquidity burned: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x7b8356486d48c63d765cbd6c2b4bfcb1e18087d23914af34b3f28c7423a290f7
Tokens burned: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x6c10002b1f6927eb8cf9961a6a1316bef135b492f01aabe8db74f7ba9cc53196
Contract Verified https://etherscan.io/address/0xa1a88cea335edaf30ce90f103f1434a773ea46bd#code
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2021.11.29 15:38 ChaoticNeutralNephew When Is A New Tech “Ahead Of Its Time” — Or Just Doomed?

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2021.11.29 15:38 DeliciousAioli4 Can someone more knowledgeable with fakes check these?

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2021.11.29 15:38 Dependent_Smoke_2945 Full blind boxes for sale (un-searched)

Wondering if anyone has any interest in a Lego Movie 2 or Disney Series 2 blind box. Both boxes have 60 figures and were only opened to verify count, they are not searched. $250 for each box obo. PM for additional details. Blind boxes
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