2021.09.20 03:26 heju1ce SELL LGRID SEED 30/1 AT EGL7!

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2021.09.20 03:26 nirasil RIO (리오) - Nevertheless (알고있지만) (orig. Night Off (나이트오프)) (Nevertheless OST Part 10 Live Clip)

RIO (리오) - Nevertheless (알고있지만) (orig. Night Off (나이트오프)) (Nevertheless OST Part 10 Live Clip) submitted by nirasil to kpop [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 03:26 Wild_Working9900 Should I be worried about China?

I have a lot of very right leaning family and they are pretty vocal in their concerns with China. Specifically that they’re going to take over the United States someday. What’s the realities behind all this? I truthfully don’t know too much about it.
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2021.09.20 03:26 yeri4440 Saw this in Ohio a few weeks ago. Love it

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2021.09.20 03:26 TrendingStarburst How do you deal with recorded lectures?

Ugh so for one of my profs (won’t say name), we have these notes where there’s barely any notes and it’s mostly images. Basically everything the prof says, I have to write it down on the notes (they don’t mention it on paper). Because everything the prof says out of their mouth is on the exam.
The class is an hour and 15 mins long, its live, and lectures are recorded. Obv I don’t get everything written down during the lecture, so I would watch the recording, and take notes which takes me like 5 hours to really get all the information down my notes. It ain’t easy.
Had anybody ever dealt with a professor like this? It’s really exhausting and I get tired midway watching the recording. Idk why the prof made the notes all images and no notes…
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2021.09.20 03:26 themilkycreeper did anyone else first read seadweed brain as seaweed Brian and it just stuck? [pjo]

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2021.09.20 03:26 No_Shop1020 Analyzing a QvR endgame and the engine shows +6.9.

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2021.09.20 03:26 zsreport L.L. Cool J - I Need A Beat

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2021.09.20 03:26 Actual_Intern_6873 8/25 Walmart ps5 any updates on it mine is delayed as of right now with a 9/17 eta originally!

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2021.09.20 03:26 Danyzag82 What are Seattle winters like?

I moved here from Deep South Texas in June and I’m wondering what I can really expect from Seattle winters. I have only seen snow a few times in my life and have never driven in it. Also I have no winter clothes and not sure what I will need to make it through. I’m not a fan of cold but I know it’s something that’s a part of life here. Any info would be helpful and appreciated!
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Some of YD’s fans found one of the mangago staff members private twitter account and even their facebook account which contains personal pictures of them and their family and has been posting pictures and screenshots of it on their twitter accounts. They are literally doxxing some members on our discord just because we disagree with them and reported them on twitter for racist behavior and bullying and harassment of a minor (posting Nay’s pictures multiple times). This particular staff member made one post about reporting YD on twitter and that was why they were targeted. They don’t even read manga, they are not an illegal reader. They also do not allow links to be shared on the mangago discord and if someone breaks the rule their post gets taken down right away. They have also never even interacted with YD on twitter or any of their fans.
This kind of behavior is beyond low. It’s disgusting. One of them is even trying to get YD to use this staff member’s picture as YD’s banner to what? shame him for disagreeing with YD for posting pictures of underage children on her twitter account for her thousands of followers to harass?
I won’t post screenshots, but please use the links below and see for yourself and report these accounts. This is not okay.
You can use this link to report these three accounts and you can click unauthorized photo/video
This is what I personally wrote:
“This account took multiple pictures and screenshots of a friend’s personal twitter and facebook account without his permission. They are sharing his private information on twitter and targeting him in retaliation because he reported another account ( for bullying and harassing a 16 year old girl on twitter and posting multiple pictures of this girl on her twitter account. Please stop this behavior and take those posts down spreading his private pictures and information by these accounts that has has been harassing us.”

  1. User:@Terremotodel89
  1. User:@OWjmal
  1. User:@Yungbaelipstick
Please please please report these accounts and these tweets. Be careful. Please just report and do not even interact with these people.
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2021.09.20 03:26 Nity6000 Any unreleased songs like 10 Feet?

Any unreleased songs done in that more old school rapping style? I really like it.
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2021.09.20 03:26 Vegetable-Yam-1468 This was the best one that I have purchased!

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2021.09.20 03:26 LFDT Nightmare fuel

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2021.09.20 03:26 Ramenguidejapan Awesome Tsukemen from Chuka Soba Waka Tokyo

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2021.09.20 03:26 ANKIT205 The project is implemented professionally and has a clear development plan.

The project is implemented professionally and has a clear development plan. Made by a very professional and experienced team. Without a doubt, this is one of the best projects.
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2021.09.20 03:26 ruizdms Sex is why, at least in his mind

So, gosh how to start, too much to try to say; but, the title captures a lot. I am f55, married to m58 for 26 years. I look pretty darn good, workout, am strong, work full-time+ and am highly formally educated. He is decent looking, does not take care like he should though, is angry a lot, and is not participatory in most family things (kids not happy with dad’s behaviors.) Kids are in college now. OK, last Oct he “left”, walked out, it’s very complicated to detail. This would be another post! Anyway, every time I tried to talk with him, over the years, all is my fault and all works it’s way back to sex (or lack of it and me). Maybe it’s the holy grail of reasons? Among so many problems though, is this- (maybe sex has been the problem) bc I have been 2nd to his hours upon hours of into the night of online porn viewing. When he came to bed (or home) I was 1- either asleep or 2- I was unhappy/ disturbed. I confronted him, I called it smut the 1st time I “found” it, years and years ago, deleted the many video files and a master log sheet of urls. He yelled at me for violation of his privacy (me looking at his computer) and promptly locked his login. Needless to say, file was either recreated or he had a backup and videos reappeared (he didn’t keep up I guess with hiding them well enough.) I left it bc if his prior rage. I worked full time had young children and felt I should try… years later here we are. I recently looked at an old pc and found hundreds (literally) of pages of porn descriptions and URL’s links. It’s indicative of addiction? It hits hard that he blames me for not wanting him but when I see him I think I’d this and so many awful accusations and hate he’s said to me, and him saying I am the problem because of sex. Btw we had sex, not that often, but he was a major reason, yet he says I am the only reason. I don’t know what else to say, and there’s so much more… If it were not for my kids…. sad/depressed/overworked/ stressed/hurting and so lost.
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2021.09.20 03:26 YunaHeartilly Which ones are well-defined operations? Abstract Algebra

Which ones are well-defined? Explain.
For example, for 1), show that if [a] = [c] and [b] = [d], then [2a+3b] = [2c+3d]
1) The operation @ defined on Z_7 by [a] @ [b] = [2a + 3b]
2) The operation ⋆ defined on Pn by {a1, a2, . . . , aj} ⋆ {b1, b2, . . . , bk} = {a1, b1}.
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2021.09.20 03:26 chungus_is_gay Literally just Rule 34. Not censored or anything.

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2021.09.20 03:26 NotMe_Hole If there is a poll about your cause of death, what are the diseases in the choices?

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2021.09.20 03:26 OhMFGoose 3yrs ago my dad died of cancer. Get your butts checked boys it means something to someone!

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2021.09.20 03:26 CondescendingBench "You gotta take a bite with all the layers"

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2021.09.20 03:26 jamalsinparis What items that could fit in a backpack would you want with you if sent to the Precambrian era (assuming enough oxygen to breathe) to live the rest of your life?

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2021.09.20 03:26 P3DP Is there any Use for an Empty Makerbot Method Spool?

Hello Makerbot Community! I'm just wondering if there's any use for the unique Method spools once they're empty? It seems like such a waste since they have a special chip inside that lets the Method know exactly what's on the spool and the exact amount left on the spool. I don't want to toss it until I know for sure. Can they be refilled or reused? Thanks for the help.
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2021.09.20 03:26 Highinthesky_ Who should fill in the last spot of my Kamehameha team? Will powerup int gohan. Rate 1-10

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