As seen on Nextdoor, this photo was taken at the allied gardens Vons. The crack pipe alongside the mask wearing 必 so many problems in this one pic

2021.09.20 04:17 fluffyyogi As seen on Nextdoor, this photo was taken at the allied gardens Vons. The crack pipe alongside the mask wearing 必 so many problems in this one pic

As seen on Nextdoor, this photo was taken at the allied gardens Vons. The crack pipe alongside the mask wearing 必 so many problems in this one pic submitted by fluffyyogi to sandiego [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 04:17 UgetanAforAffert I can't be the only one!

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2021.09.20 04:17 TheLibertyLoft Body found matching description of US missing woman Petito: FBI

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2021.09.20 04:17 RiceEatingBoy pakistan zindabad

fuck off india
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2021.09.20 04:17 heinaga1989 Bella Ciao Token - The first movie series bsc token 8% Ethereum Rewards - LP lock for 1 year - Huge Potential - Fairlaunch on September 22nd 6pm UTC - Contract Audited

Hold $BELLACIAO and get paid passive income in Ethereum Bep20 every 60 minutes!
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Proudly Present $BELLACIAO, a hyper deflationary token, the first movie series token with HUGE potential!
5 Main Reasons why BELLA CIAO TOKEN is a pure gem:

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儭 No whitelist, No private sale, No presale
Fairlaunch on September 22nd at 6pm utc
8% Redistribution in Ethereum:
8% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold $BELLACIAO tokens, earn Ethereum Bep20.
Auto Paid Every 60 minutes
You dont need to claim your earned Ethereum. It will be automatically sent to your wallet every hour. Make sure you added Ethereum Bep20 on your wallet.
2% goes to Liquidity Pool
2% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for pancakeswap. It is automatic and helps create a stability price floor.
Buyback Feature 3% of every transaction is transformed in BNB to do buy back to help maintain the price.
Anti Rug System - Secured by design Initial liquidity provided will be locked with for 1 year.
Massive Marketing 5% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing Wallet in BNB.
Token Name: Bella Ciao Token
Symbol: BellaCiao
Decimals: 9
Network: BEP-20 (BSC)
Concept: $BellaCiao with Auto Ethereum Rewards
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Manual Burned: 50%
Pancakeswap: 30%
Milestone Burn: 10%
Plans and Developments: 10%
Contract Address- BSC Verified
Contract Address: 0xD764add9fE609A3698C8314e28f279c5aF7f9a06
歹 Reddit: https://www.reddit.comBellaCiao_Token/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Contract Audited :
and will be audited by techrate and Certik soon.
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2021.09.20 04:17 rolls-royceBT Last prediction for every main character of the show(to not annoy you anymore)

Mr. Hendricks and Miss Sands - in episode 5 they agreed that theyll try to live together. And personally, I dont see how show runners would throw away this couple. My prediction, miss Sands will be appointed as temporary headmaster and well see their relationship being effected my that.
Following this, it means that no ones gonna leave the school nor therere gonna be new characters for the last half of a school year before graduation.
Maeve - well see her being away(we already saw how show runners dealt with Eric being in Nigeria by creating a new location for him). Shell find a potential new love interest(someone whod help her to settle) + possible success in her studies which will allow her to continue study there(and bring Elsie as well)
Otis - will be trying to deal with being in a distant relationship with Maeve + we saw a glimpse of Otis being jealous(he will be jealous after seeing Maeves new friend in the US). Him losing his temper at some point will break their relationship. (Will return to Ruby by deciding to help her, cause theres nothing for him to do while Maeves away).
Ruby - therere 2 versions, but in both of those cases shes gonna start skipping school. a) her being pregnant from Otis; b) her dad starting feeling worse than before. Either way, Otis will notice that. Hell decide to visit her cause he still cares about her(Once again, they introduced a new character, Rubys dad and a new location Rubys home) Him helping her will start over their relationship cause Rubys still in love with him and shes not the same mean girl anymore, especially under pressure of audience.
Aimee and Steve - theyve been together since season 1 and seeing how loyal Steve is towards Aimee, I might assume theyll end up together with Aimee finally overcoming her fears.
Adam and Rahim - they clearly shared some moments in the end of season 3. 70% theyll end up being close friends who support each other. Adam will overcome his insecurities especially about him being in set 8. Hell succeed in his studies with a help of Rahim and would graduate in front of his mum and dad, bringing them back together for a moment.
Eric - well see him growing as a person. Hell accept his mistakes and would try to get Adams trust back.
Jean and Jakob - Jakob would eventually find out that its not his daughter and will leave Jean for a while before returning back thinking that childs innocent and needs a father in its life. Jakob will become a complete father figure for Otis. Jean will struggle with a child while Jakobs away, cause shes nearly 50 and its hard for her to be a lone mother. And depending on the reason why Otis and Ruby reunite, she might help Otis to learn how to take care of a child and how to be a good parent.
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2021.09.20 04:17 Camhintz710 Ccp m2 380

Just picked up a ccp m2 380acp. Does anyone have any recommendations for holsters, lasers, and different sights. Or any other attachments/accessories.
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2021.09.20 04:17 Iosephus_Rex Why am I like this?

So I have been thinking that my relationship with fp was kinda out of control for a while now, so I finally decided I would talk to her about it (she has been asking me what I want us to be for a while now). So naturally I wrote a 3 page letter and a 19 line poem and sent it to her as a pdf over discord. I was expecting her to be unhappy in some way or another, but she just replied saying that was EXACTLY what she wanted. Now Im not an expert on how normal humans would react to that, but Im pretty sure they would be happy that the deescalation went so smoothly, but not me, no I just had to feel rejected and hated because she reacted positively to something I started.
Also I really wish you could pick more than one post flair
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2021.09.20 04:17 OfficerGreenTea 3 Main Security Types

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2021.09.20 04:17 jjfc00 Only way to be sure is to Nuke it from orbit.

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2021.09.20 04:17 th4trandumguy clip from 8:30 to 8:50 pls

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2021.09.20 04:17 AluminiumGnat Glasses On

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2021.09.20 04:17 MillennialBets SDC will be big

Date: 2021-09-19 21:09:56, Author: u/-Noah, (Karma: 75, Created:Jan-2016)
SubReddit: shortsqueeze, DD Click Here
SDC receiving more and more recognition. More and more people will be buying in. I am holding.
Remember, as important as si and other factors are in a play like this... nothing happens without the volume and awareness. This just got the awareness!
TickerDatabase entries updated:

Ticker Price
SDC 6.7
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2021.09.20 04:17 bruh_cola_v2 damn i got noticed by hyperpopdaily himself 潘

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2021.09.20 04:17 Anthonyk47 Flight and hotel passes

How do people get flight and hotel passes? I always see southwest gift cards and promotions and hotel promotions mail but was interested to know how they work
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2021.09.20 04:17 sgaragagghu [top; /r/GetMotivated - /u/regian24] [Image] Motivational words

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2021.09.20 04:17 AviahWinchester Please help my friend!

I have a good friend who is trying to get to affiliate status and is needing a little bit of assistance with that. If anyone would be willing to hop into his stream and give him some love, it would help him out!
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2021.09.20 04:17 moneyshouters Claes Elfsbergs ilska mot bluffligan nu varnar han

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2021.09.20 04:17 Sara_Heric GF but in my Style

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2021.09.20 04:17 Business_Traditional Greg and Phil

(Second story, been in the works for months now, I'll get to a new part after this. Don't expect another to be released in the next week.)
Second story here and I hope I get some more feedback on this, I am really into this story. (Somehow this started out as a school project.)
Read below the line for narrating/official story
Greg and Phil Pt.1
Greg and Phil were best friends, and neighbors they did both anything and everything together, Phil liked to find the solution to mysteries and Greg liked to make them. One day Greg and Phil were sitting in their Secret fort which was on Phils backyard, the fort was held up with two sticks that of which were shorter in comparison to them both, so it was visible if either of them was in there. Greg was sitting in the lair and plotting another caper, a caper that involved a certain someone about their birth-day.
Hey Phil? I was wondering whats your favorite color? I remembered it just now, and I cant get it out of my head Greg said in askance after Phil came into the fort with a whole barrel full of snacks. Getting past mom wasnt easy in the slightest, And Phil never liked lying though did every once in a while.
Hmm? My favorite color? Well, I guess I never did tell you. Wonder how it slipped my mind, though my favorite color is Red. Phil said taking out the chips bag from his mouth and opening it. Greg was contempt with the way Phil answered he was always shifting his tone to fit a mood he was trying to convey and there were no signs at play of him know what was going to happen.
Ah, yeah I never realized how I got past without knowing your favorite color, but we could have just been having too much fun for that. Greg commented before snatching some of the chips from Phils hand, which he then chuckled when Phil realized he didnt have as many chips as before.
What? Huh? HEY! Those were mine! Ugh. Phil says in annoyance when he says Greg laughing at Phil.
What? It was funny! Oh, com on! Cheer up, Im going to go inside in a bit, Im getting bored, and cold. Greg stated as he was shoveling some more snacks into his mouth. They both liked to play pranks on each other so Phil needed to get his revenge, Phil wasnt sneaky in any sense, though he could figure out most anything if he was given enough time and recourses.
----*15 minutes later*----
See you upstairs, Later! Greg yells before running upstairs with all the snacks he could hold. Phil tries to keep up but is stopped by his mother.
Good to see you two boys in such a rush, I could never get you to do something like this that fast. In any case Have fun. Phils mother said in a kind and caring tone watching Phil chase after Greg.
Wow, you got some new stuff in here? Nice色 Greg said with amazement and awe. Phil had recently got some new posters, new dresser, new guitar and a new P.C. Greg immediately looked for a way to turn it on, they both were massive gamers. Phil finally got upstairs to see Greg sitting in his chair and playing some game he had in his library.
So, you found the P.C? What game did you pick? I hope its a good one. Phil said after walking behind the chair Greg was using Phils old sound proof headphones somehow, they still worked after 4 years of use. Phil had to tap Greg on his shoulder to finally get his attention and repeated So, you found the P.C? What game did you pick? I hope its a good one.
Huh? Oh, Im playing色Get to the orange door it seems fun. Greg said looking at Phil but he forgot to pause the game when he realized it was too late and he had died.Craaap, I died. You want a go? Greg asked
Nah, Im good. I like the game, just not going to play right now. Phil said when his back landed on his bed which was covered in all sorts of goodies, like stuffed animals, some old tech he forgot to put away, and some of his clothes. Along with the stuff on his bed was his phone which he looked at to see if he had anymore notifications, and there was one. A missed text from his dad. Hey slugger! Hows school? I know we havent talked in a while地 long安hile, But hey! Im talking to you now! I hope we can get over our little trouble that I caused this family, though I do, from the bottom and top of my heart wish that youd forgive me. And, Im sorry. Phil remembered what his dad did and he clenched his phone as hard as he could.
He would never forgive his dad, but the text made him feel sad, looking at Greg who had his Mom, and Dad still with him. Their parents were good friends, but he could never shake the feeling the feeling that he was being judged about not having his Dad around. Phil eventually let go of his phone and told himself that there wasnt anything to worry about, Greg saw the tears in Phils eyes and quit the game. He then went to go lay next to Phil and comfort him.
Hey, what do you want to do? We can do anything we want to, remember? We can build a rocket ship and then wed fly it far away. Greg said reciting Phils favorite song.
T-Thanks dude, I needed that, what do you say we work on our little project? Phil said trying to lift the mood after a moment of hesitation and thoughts.
Yeah, we could do that, though I have a different idea, come to my house tomorrow I got a surprise! Greg said way too excitedly he had everything ready he just needed some red ribbons and everything was ready. His birthday was a bit further away from tomorrow but he didnt want it to be that obvious, though he still had a plan for it.
Anyway, Goodbye! Cya later! Have a great night. Greg yelled as he was leaving, it was always fun for Greg to be at Phils house.
While Greg was walking out the door and heading down to get his bike from the backyard, he heard something. He assumed it was an animal of some kind so he ignored it for now.
When Greg was a fair bit away going fast with his bike, he heard the same sound, except this time, it was right in his ear. Greg freaked and tumbled after losing the battle of balance between his bike and gravity. As he tumbled, he felt gravity get lighter a lot lighter, he was going up.
..what多uh? aaAAHHH! was all Greg got out before he fell asleep immediately.
---sometime later---
whats this? A surprise party? Hmm, OOHhh Greg you sneaky bastard. Phill went after seeing that Greg left his jacket at his house. But being the good friend, he was he got onto his bike and went to give Greg his jacket back, he was going to pretend that he didnt see the party planner.
While biking, he saw a bike in the road, it looked like Gregs, Phil halted to a stop while getting off of his bike to inspect the bike. It was busted up pretty bad, it looked like it was dropped from more than 20ft. But it was defiantly Gregs
While inspecting the bike and calling out for Greg thinking it was some kind of prank or a secret ploy to get Phil of the trail of the party. But there was no one, and soon was the gravity
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2021.09.20 04:17 itsasecret_777 A heartbroken loser (First 4 weeks after breakup)

My first breakup, the most worst thing of my life and I still living it everyday because I still loves her with everything. Everyday I wakes up with the hope that maybe she'll text me today but the day always ends breaking my heart again, Yeah time heals everything, it helped me also but still there's a deep wound which maybe never gonna heal completely. And like it wasn't enough so I lost in my exams also, due to my relationship and breakup it affected my studies and I failed my exams for which I was preparing from last many years so i felt like an absolute loser, my relationship was everything for me :( , and also everyone around me thinks that I am not working hard that's why I failed in exams (they don't know about my relationship) so now when I really needs time to heal they expecting me to work harder and it's stressing me and not having friends makes things more tough.
But yeah there are many things that helping me also and I'll make another post regarding that so it may also help someone else going through same phase.
Hopefully everything will be better soon with me and also with everyone else going through this tough phase.
Thank you!
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2021.09.20 04:17 Available-Citron2749 帢帢 庢彖 帢庢帢 弮怷 帢弇弇峎 庢彖 峟 庰 帢巹 怷巹帢 (弮帢庢)

峇庣 庥峎彖;
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2021.09.20 04:17 mitchhatesrats final thoughts on season 1

I started watching this anime up until ep 12 where I got hooked on the story and couldn't bring myself to wait week after week for the continuation of the story. I binge read all the way up to beginning of the latest story arc and I'll say to all anime onlys: DO consider reading ahead, you'll have a greater appreciation for the characters/story but if you want to stick to anime only, then you're in for a treat regardless.
watching episodes 12-24 with the over arching knowledge of what was going to happen in the story didn't ruin it for me, I still enjoyed every episode ep12 was about on par with the manga and ep24 was actually done better than how it was in the manga imo. like despite watching that ep with knowledge of the future doesn't matter, it was still a banger of an episode and I plan to be rewatching it after work.
ken wakui is a fabulous artist and I'd recommend reading the manga alone to check out the panel art, this was originally my first observation when I restarted watching from ep12, the anime falls short in certain areas and does some amazing panels a injustice. there were some scenes in the anime that made me disappointed and there were some that flat out made me laugh (thiccmichi).
The action and fight sequences were mostly well done and thats what most people want out of an shonen getting animated. I was underwhelmed by bloody halloween, some of you may have noticed static background characters and clumsy looking animation in areas, this was what let me down most, although the mikey v kazu & 2 goons was really well done and bajis section which was the main focus also held faithful to the manga.
lastly was the voice acting, I personally only watch sub and I'll probably only watch the dub for a laugh. the casting was spot on and despite me going 12 episodes before reading with those particular voices in my head while reading dialogue I didn't found that all of the characters are voiced by someone that sounds like how they should have, or how I think they should have. I can't wait to hear characters that haven't had screen time yet but going of ep24 they won't be missing their mark.
Music was also spot on, both openings, endings and background music.
overall I'm very satisfied with the adaptiation, I don't want to see it change studios between seasons I just would like the animators to not overlook some of the stuff that I've mentioned was prevalent in the first, hopefully they can learn from this season. I think it achieves the purpose of an anime adaptation at its core and also unlike any other anime in the last 5 years this is the first one thats grabbed my attention enough to pull me to read the manga, which a lot of anime adaptions purpose is to do this so that more people buy the manga, I'd say mission successful if you've payed attention to the statistics of the sales, not to mention the amount of westerners wanting to buy a english translated version (myself included)
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2021.09.20 04:17 uNFaz3d_ uxie raid on me!!!!!

4979 9734 4225
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