Dang, he only using one backpack strap, what a mad lad.

2021.09.20 03:04 Caden_dimitri Dang, he only using one backpack strap, what a mad lad.

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2021.09.20 03:04 itstherealbaljeet Updated (through 9/19) National Circuit Rankings Available on Tournaments.Tech RIGHT NOW!

We just updated our national circuit rankings and dataset on tournaments.tech for Varsity Public Forum with results from Yale!
Current Leaders by OTR Score:

  1. Durham WS (0.478)
  2. Lambert MY (0.463)
  3. Centennial BN (0.412)
Our dataset is by far the most accurate (and currently the only 21-22 one) available. We scrape bid results, prelim records & places, break records & places, OpWpm (even if it isn’t provided), and speaks (including an automatic outlier-filtered score using IQR, better than what Tab provides)! If you want a place to view your overall history or to check out your next opponent, tournaments.tech is the place to go. View our ranking methodology at tournaments.tech/methodology.
We also just added a lifetime history option to view the complete history for any team on the circuit. It's like debatestat but significantly faster.
We make no money doing this, and we’ve open-sourced and documented every line of code (see the footer on the site for access details). If we make mistakes, we’ll rectify them. Let us know at tournaments.tech/issues.
- Sam and u/AdithyaFHS21
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2021.09.20 03:04 hammong New 75 gallon, 8.2 pH, high alkalinity - Need some Barb advice

Moved to my current house about 5 years ago. I currently have a 20 long lightly planted tank that has been stable and algae free with good growth and 8 small guppies for two years now, so the wife has allowed me to get a "bigger" tank. Bought a new 75 and stand on sale from LFS, 60 pounds of Caribsea Eco-Complete black substrate, and a suitable HOB filter.
My tap water comes from a 400 foot well on property that tastes great, no nitrates, no ammonia, very low phosphate, about 180 alkalinity (high), 80ppm total hardness, and a predictably high pH of about 8.2 which settles out to about 8.4 in the tank, 225 TDS (meaured) in the tank.
I want to keep barbs, and my LFS stocks them and they look healthy in their display tank. The LFS also keeps their in-house tanks at 8.2 with high alkalinity as well.
My question is this... The LFS barbs are being kept at 8.2 pH/180 alk on display, which matches my new tank -- but every online reference I see says tiger barbs prefer pH closer to 6.5. Should I work to adjust my tank down to 6.5, or keep it at 8.2/8.4 to simplify my water change regimen and top-off? How adaptable are the barbs?
Ultimately, everything I am likely to add to my tank will come from this LFS, so my inner voice says keep my pH the same as theirs instead of fighting the alkalinity and buffering that's already in my water.
The other inner voice says scrap the barb idea entirely and stick with platys or cichlids that are more suited to my natural water balance.
FWIW I do have RO/DI unit (used to keep salt water / reef) so I -can- drain the 75 gallons, re-fill with RO/DI and re-buffer to keep the desired pH range, but this doesn't help the pH range difference when introducing new stock to the tank.
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2021.09.20 03:04 EmbarrassedSet5030 Just got done playing gorilla tag

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2021.09.20 03:04 Frozina Friends (source: ぷりたぬ)

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2021.09.20 03:04 eedddeedd Im dating with someone who kissed someone else

Yes, that just happened, whilst I was sleeping she kissed someone in a party, and I honestly am broken. I do not know what to do, the day before we even had a date, and we had so much fun, but now this, total chaos with her and her friends. And I am sick of it. What would you do when you're dating someone and she kisses someone else?
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2021.09.20 03:04 Lmaonade404 How do you throw your sponges in the kick bucket?

I am curious to see in a non-trauma situation do you do your best to lay them neatly on the side or do you just toss them in the bucket and not worry about it?
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2021.09.20 03:04 thalescustom A Squid on my Squid. If you don't have this knife in your collection, it's a must.

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2021.09.20 03:04 charles_westbrook Is anyone levelling up alt accounts?

I have an account I want level75, I’ll pay diamonds for someone to level it so name your price!
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2021.09.20 03:04 ErdnaOtrebor CRIGE ASS BOT DOING CRINGE LIBR*LS THINGS??!!?? Yucky🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

CRIGE ASS BOT DOING CRINGE LIBR*LS THINGS??!!?? Yucky🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 submitted by ErdnaOtrebor to LGWAW [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 03:04 warmishfrog Running for 5 gens

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2021.09.20 03:04 Bunniesandblackmetal Bunny + tea

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2021.09.20 03:04 ItsAslan World Generation Glitching Downloaded Map

So I recently downloaded a Minecraft earth map and found that some ocean biomes were generating inside the map, causing weird glitches. The map chunks would be replaced with the natural generation.
This would stretch out for many, many chunks, as shown in journey map above.
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2021.09.20 03:04 mccloud_jamie At siima

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2021.09.20 03:04 Both_Put4760 Anyone knows how to control the powerpoint slides on the dex monitor from the phone ?

I would like to use the Phone to move the powerpoint slides ahead on the monitor when in dex mode
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2021.09.20 03:04 az116 How does library alternation work?

If I sort my queue from largest to smallest, and have library alternation turned on, common sense would say that it would alternate between the largest file in each of my libraries. But it usually has multiple from the same library in a row. How does it determine the order?
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2021.09.20 03:04 AKillaMom My Halloween nails

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2021.09.20 03:04 CharacterFront6581 $cei ready to go just like bbig did In the beginning stages 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂

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2021.09.20 03:04 Nidiocehai Fucking hospital clinics…

“OH! hai… Nideo-say has an appointment at 10:15”.
Beep bop…. 10:55
“AHH… Nideo…”
Yeah sorry I’m in the toilet!
Half an hour later, these people don’t understand time is not infinite and people have other shit to do in their lives…
It’s a clinic not an emergency department. It doesn’t triage and they’re the first to give a disgruntled look if you’re late.
Fuck hospitals.
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2021.09.20 03:04 Paul-209 [WTS] Bleu De Chanel Parfum and Valentino Uomo Intense (Decant)

Hello everyone,
I did some decants with a friend each are 50ml mag caps comes with cylinder containers.
Bleu De Chanel Parfum (Decant) $60
Valentino Uomo Intense 50ml (Decant) $50
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2021.09.20 03:04 mikeanike090 Posture Work problems Urgent

I have been having allot of issues with posture. I use to play on the video game when younger for hours no stretching . Now I started stretching every day trying to fix my issue. However I got a job now that’s 30 min drive away . As a receptionist, the company is trying to get a new building probably in 7 months . There is a built in desk /slab to the wall that’s really short for me being 6feet . Chairs with no arm support,that are old with no neck or Lil to none back support. There is only laptops no monitor, no extra parts like mouse it’s just a Mac . My back has been improving but on days I’m there I’m having back issues . I don’t know if need to elevate latop buy separate parts for company latop. I really need help,Thank you
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2021.09.20 03:04 SharksWinCup How many of you ducatistas transported your motorcycle from another state? And did it end up getting it shipped or driving it back home?

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2021.09.20 03:04 Fellow_RealSideOfMat Doing log-book talking about the medical conditions for Shio, Asahi and Mitsuboshi after the events of HSL, for a follow-up story.

(This is a follow-up to this post: https://www.reddit.com/HappySugarLife/comments/pqbjqq/so_i_got_back_into_the_show_still_read_it_despite/)
"H-Hello? Is...Is this thing on? I guess so, I'm not really good at using them. But... It needed to be done. L-Log Book of psychiatrist Otohiko Gardener. First ever entry. It's been a week since I've encountered these three. They are the ones linked to that incident, you know that crazy girl that killed herself by jumping off a roof right? It took all of them about a year to recover psychologically, and their mind are still not at it. At first I thought, it was a pretty simple and straight-forward case, even if I was worried about how they got thrown at me last minute after multiple people giving up, but... I quickly realized it wasn't and my colleagues had good reasons to do so. When I saw the three survivors walk in my office... Something felt so off about them, they looked so young, yet so unstable, and after being with them for so long, I can confidently say it.
I've never seen such broken kids in my whole life.
Although I guess I should start by the one that's easier to explain right?
Asahi Kōbe. He seemed like the most normal at first glance. And he still is but that doesn't mean much. A kid from a broken home, with a mind of steel. Unlike the other two, he never completely lost it, he still is very much aware of everything, not being struck by desillusion or anything, and I have immense respect for him staying as strong as he did. I've interrogated him about the dead body we found at Ms.Matsuzaka's appartement and I could see him go from rage to despair in an instant, she must have been very important to him. To summarize how most of my seance with him went for now, I had at first a really hard time gaining his trust, but he could sense my resolve and settled down. That's when I learned multiple things about him that all made sense, his really effeminate look mostly due to his frail body and long hair, his hatred for his father, his love for his sister and the typical happy family, and the loves he held towards that girl he wished he could have cherished. As the eldest of the family, despite my want to stay professional, I had to drop the facade for a split second. After that we continued talking for a while... In a perfect world, this would have ended here, and he would have been fine, but he's not. He didn't noticed it until I pointed it, but...
He's become too uncomfortably close to the description he made of his father. Sometimes I would talk to him, and the polite kid, would turn extremely agressive and authoritarian for a bit to impose his views or opinions about something. His reaction are always extreme, but only when it comes to rage and anger. I diagnosed him with BPD, especially since the symptoms doesn't end there. Once during a seance, I had to take a call and I could see his face and happiness desolve into sadness and violent shaking, even spasme as the call went on. Before getting an outburst, where he smashed a lamp in half, and tried to grab me. That's when he realized just how badly things have gotten. He also frequently has relapses where I need to calm him, not of his abuse, but of the time Shio didn't want to return, or periods where he doesn't see anyone anymore, and panics. There's also that one time, he stood up in the hallway, confusing the other two patients, before screaming at something only he could see, his screams being the only sounds heard that day.
Then, there's his sister, the catalyst of all of this drama: Shio Kōbe. At first I found her weirdly willing and polite for an eight year old, but that's when I first heard it
'I don't need anyone since Sato is inside of me.'
Do you believe in reincarnation? I never thought too much about it, but according to Asahi, she's becoming a spitting image of that girl. Although I did manage to find some traces of the kid she was. Despite claiming to be closer to her "beloved" as possible, I can see her lying and being in denial. She's only a kid and craves for love and approval. Ms.Matsuzaka was truly a sociopath, like her aunt, but Shio's different. She wasn't born ill, she wanted to become ill, to get as close as possible and try to finally see the world as 'Satou' saw it. But she'll need to realize she'll never be like her, because she's her own person. However, I gained her sympathy when I was, apparently, the only 'white-blouse-person' to accept, her wearing the late Matsuzaka's ribbon and wedding ring. I don't know what exactly was going on between the two, I can't lie and say that I'm not creeped out by it, but if it truly was important to her, then I need to show my empathy about it to also make her learn that she still has Asahi in her life, even if at first she couldn't remember him. As a reassuring fact, she can integrates society, as her foster family, describes her as wonderful, very kind, and helpful.
Sometimes, since I started talking to her, I've had the feeling someone was watching me. And one day I saw her... Her big blue eyes, suddenly piercing me with a dangerous glare, making every fiber of my body shiver. Looking at the profile of her 'beloved', if she really became like her, well I might end up as another dead body. I'm scared. I'm scared of dying, it feels really weird to know you can die at any moment. I mi-should, call the cops and arrest her... But what good will that do to her psyche? So in those times where she watches me and I spot her, I just... Stare back... I don't know what kind of face I'm making, but I just do it... Until she leaves. I'm just glad she isn't older, otherwise it might have been too dangerous, but I know I could overpower her if anything went wrong. I'll keep this dangerous situation to myself, hoping the progress I sense in her, are not an illusion... May she lives a good life.
Out of the two siblings, and actually out of three patients, she's the one that experiences the most visual and auditive hallucinations, and when it happens i need to make sure to calm down, otherwise she shuts down completely and can't even communicate properly until the next day.
Finally there's Taiyō Mitsuboshi. The one that was... By the aunt of the girl. He was taken in too, after people found trace of his dna at the aunt's apartment and when she easily admitted her crime, not realizing how wrong it was. Some people also told they found him running azway from the burning building in his underwear, whihc reinforced the fact that he was there. At first, his mother told me about how better he has been and how he finally got over his trauma, so she didn't really see any point in continuing the therapy sessions. But I quickly busted-out his facade when he panicked at the sight of Asahi's long hair, thinking he became a girl. That kid is definitely not okay. Talking with him, as he manages to still be cooperative despite his instability, I learnt that his job at Princess Imperial ended in disaster due to another case of... You know... Making me seriously pity the kid despite his creepy behavior, and finally explaining to his mother why he needed help.
However, p-please if someone has to take my place in guiding these children, DO NOT LEAVE HIM ALONE WITH SHIO! H... He doesn't try anything sexual, he never does, that's not what he wants from her. But... He... He asks for her to make him bleed, believing if an "angel" purged him of his "bad blood" then he'll be free again. Shio always comply without a word, but he ends up screaming in pain without noticing it, keeping a disturbing smile on his face, and at the end of their seance, he seems to always be on the verge of dying. It doesn't help that Asahi always misinterpret the situation and starts to compulsively want to be beat him up, not wanting to see his sister as anything but a victim. From what I gathered, at first he only wanted Shio's prescence beside him as a calming tool, someone he could use to cleanse his body and bringing his innocence back, by simply being by her side and hudding her. But... When the second time happened... Everything broke down... Now he only sees death... As his way for purity.
Also, another thing you should never do, is to lock him or let him go inside of a dark place. No matter how hard he tries to deny it, he's become phobic of the dark and also developed claustrophobia. Please... I'm begging you... Even if he goes out of line do not punish him by locking him up somewhere. Because of the lack of vision, every sensation is duplicated, and, even the slightlest breese, reminds him of all of the inappropriate touches he felt. He sometimes also starts to hallucinate breathing down his neck or voices that try to be seductive. The only time he went inside of a dark place without me knowing, I found him hours later, curved in a foetus position in a corner of the room, shaking and crying frantically until I told him everything would be okay. I fear... I fear, he might be the most broken out of the three, and maybe... Maybe it's impossible for him to be a part of society.
Listen... I'm no saint or over-powered hero, but.. I'll do my best with my therapty, for these kids, for them, for their right to have a future, even if I have to become someone they hate in the end. If I failed and you're my successor. Do not abandon them. Continue my fight. Recording o-over."
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2021.09.20 03:04 blazblu82 Need Help! Rearview mirror fell

I've seen 1 video on how to get at the mirror. However, my plastic shroud does not split into 2 pieces. There appears to be an access tab behind mirror, but I can't get it off. Mirror is completely detached at this point.

Any idea on how to get at this? Is the mirror glued or does it have something else it attaches to? I can't seem to find hardly anything about this. Thanks!
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2021.09.20 03:04 evolution2015 Piezo buzzer does not seem to play melodies.

I bought a "Piezo buzzer" that looks like this ( https://sc04.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1qFTKXMn.PuJjSZFkq6A_lpXax.jpg ) thinking that I could play some electronic melody with it. I downloaded some sample codes (like Super Mario melody), but it did not sound like those melodies. The notes almost all sounded the same. Here is the recording: https://vocaroo.com/1dviUjrykhu7
If I search YouTube, this man is using the same-looking thing (maybe bigger? I can't tell for sure) but his sounds a lot better. Are there different types of such "Piezo buzzespeakers" like the ones can only play beep (no melody) and the ones that can play melodies? Or is this simply because the one I bought is too cheap? Which module should I buy to play recognisable melodies?
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